Application info

What kind of files we accept:


We are only accepting .wav files. Considering the quick nature of this project, we want producers to have the files in workable form asap! Max file size: 25MB




  • April 21st - Application and recorded samples are due at 5PM.


  • April 22nd - Selected artists will be contacted and introduced to the producers. 


  • April 30th - Virtual Release, hosted on our website and social channels


Recording Tips!


Solidarity: Please submit wav. files only.


Short and sweet: Try to keep your recording no longer than two minutes.  


Tidy Multiples: You are welcome to submit multiple applications if two minutes just won’t cut it for you! If you have several short clips, it would be super neat if you put them in a folder first.


Environment: Do the noises around you subtract from your sound quality? Or does the ambient noise enhance your recording? 


Gear: If you have a good mic use it but if not, don’t overthink it! record on the device you have! (all recordings have equal potential to be molded by our talented producers) 


Distance: play with the intimacy or spaciousness of your recording. 


Sound check! Do Several! Use this time to Experiment!