Instrumentalists, poets, and sound designers are invited to submit mini-recordings to capture the sounds of their new daily. music producers and composers will select samples and artists to work with, creating a collaborative new work that will be featured in an online release on our website and social channels, May 1st.


In response to the huge shift in the arts due to COVID-19, collabs is meant to be a quick-paced creative outlet to acknowledge the current moment and connect with fellow musicians near and far. We hope to give you the space to create with someone new if that’s what you need right now. 


We also want to support you in other ways. Artists selected to collaborate in this first round of collabs will receive $25. We hope to do more virtual projects in the future, and grow our resources to support you in this work. That said, check our relief page to explore other options available to artists in need. 


Deadline for sound submissions is April 21st at 5PM.  


We hope to hear from you!

-Naomi, curator of collabs

meet the producers and composers